About Us


Prior to Hurricane Fiona, we harvested all the pears from the trees. Only pre-picked bags of organic Bosc pears are available at the farm now.

We never know what Mother Nature will bring us. This year we are sad to share that we are without an apple crop; however, we do have a good yield of organic pears. Our crop is still subject to the effects of the 2018 spring frost when we lost 90% of it. With a double apple crop last year the trees are now in a recuperating state.

About the farm…

Boates Farm specializes in organic apples, pears, sweet apple cider and vinegars.

We strive to produce apples and pears with as few inputs as possible. This helps boost populations of beneficial insects and lends to an ecologically-friendly management system. All of our new orchard plantings are managed organically without synthetic inputs. Our organic program is certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Inc.

Fresh fruit, sweet cider and vinegar are marketed at a U-Pick during harvest in the Fall, located at Boates Farm as well as throughout the winter.

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